Healthwatch Blackpool and Blackpool Lived Experience Team: Coronavirus and Homelessness

Healthwatch Blackpool and Blackpools Lived Experience Team have worked together to hear the voices of  those experiencing homelessness in Blackpool.

We have completed a written report and have shared this on World Homelessness Day 2020

The reality of lockdown was unknown back in March 2020. We have learnt that as the weeks progressed, those facing multiple disadvantage have had concerns about a multitude of things including housing , finances , mental health and services to support and listen. Some respondents have found it difficult with accommodation placements and are subsequently experiencing homelessness again.

We have heard positives relating to housing, prescriptions and additional support measures but have also learnt that this has not suited everyone within the Blackpool community and some respondents have felt alone.

We know that lived experience of homelessness and trauma has been shown to lead to reluctance to accept interventions (Magwood et al 2019).

As a result of this survey we now have an insight to those who have been affected by the pandemic and lockdown. We will be continuing to listen and work with the Lived Experience Team to hear individual stories and understand , share and learn how to best support.

To read our report , click here