Healthwatch Blackpool speak to service users at Waterloo Road Medical Practice

Healthwatch Blackpool has published a ‘Patient Engagement Day’ report, which captures the experiences of service users at Waterloo Road Medical Practice.


On Wednesday 2nd August 2017 and Thursday 3rd August 2017, two Healthwatch Blackpool representatives gathered survey responses from 53 patients at Waterloo Road Medical Practice in Blackpool, to obtain the views of people using the service and to observe the environment.

The majority of patients told Healthwatch representatives they were happy with medical staff (90%) and a small percentage (2%) were unhappy with medical staff.

Of the patients surveyed most of them do not use the online booking service (71%) but most would consider using a mobile phone app (58%).

Over half of the patients told us they have difficulty getting urgent appointments (70%) although most patients said they do not have difficulty getting routine appointments (67%).

The report includes a list of four actions provided by Waterloo Road Medical Practice in relation to how they will improve service users’ experiences following the activity.

Sheralee Turner-Birchall, Chief Executive at Healthwatch Blackpool, said: “Healthwatch Blackpool contributes considerable value into the health and social care system by gathering patient and relatives input into the way services are run. This can be invaluable as sometimes seeing services from their point of view opens up real opportunities for improvement that may not have already been considered.

“Healthwatch Blackpool would like to thank Waterloo Road Medical Practice for their response to the report and for any actions which are put in place as a result of our findings.”

The Enter and View Report for Waterloo Road Medical Practice is available to read online or download on the Healthwatch Blackpool website at: