Parliamentary Health Service Ombudsman Update

The PHSO will begin accepting new NHS complaints and progress existing ones from 1 July 2020.

They have advised that:

If you have a concern or a complaint

The PHSO helpline is open and staff continue to offer advice and support to people with a concern or complaint about the NHS in England. The PHSO are able to signpost vulnerable or isolated individuals to other services which can support them at this difficult time.

If you are sure that your complaint is ready to bring to the PHSO, you may wish to complete your complaint form now so it is ready to send on 1 July.

Please make sure that the PHSO are the right organisation to look at your complaint and that it is ready . If you are not sure, the complaint checker tool will help you.

The online complaint form is currently offline but you can download a complaint form from the website.

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