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Blackpool Homelessness & Health 2021

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In Summer 2020, Healthwatch Blackpool began an outreach research project engaging with people in Blackpool who were experiencing homelessness. This was in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the emergency provisions put in place due to lockdown. This piece of work highlighted many concerns that people had for the future, with examples relating to mental health, treatment for their health needs and what long-term support will be available.

As a result, Healthwatch Blackpool made the decision to revisit this area and carry out a second project with people experiencing homelessness. The focus of this was to have further conversations to investigate some of the previous concerns that were mentioned last  year. The overarching aim was to gather qualitative feedback to influence service design and reform.

We spoke to fifty-two people experiencing homelessness in our area. To read our report and feedback please see below.

Blackpool Homelessness & Health 2021

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