Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility and Employee volunteering

Who are Healthwatch Blackpool?

When it comes to health and social care, we all want the best services we can get. Now, through Healthwatch Blackpool, you can make a real difference to the way services are set up and run.

HealthwatchBlackpool, has a dual role:

  1. To listen to what the people of Blackpool have to say about the health and social care services they receive
  2. To engage with the decision makers to influence change within the health and social care system.

Healthwatch Blackpool, gives children, young people and adults across Blackpool a powerful voice – making sure their views and experiences are heard by those who run, plan and regulate health and social care services in Blackpool.

How can Healthwatch Blackpool help you with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)?

We can offer volunteer opportunities to your work force, to undertake interesting and creative activities that will enhance your employees and give the opportunity to become involved with your local community by ensuring the local voices are heard. Some of the benefits of being involved are;

  • Awareness of social responsibility
  • Enhance their skills
  • Improve colleague engagement and morale
  • Work alongside people from all walks of life
  • Understand the importance of good physical and mental health as an employee
  • A range of training opportunities.

Get involved!

HealthwatchBlackpool is looking for employers to support its activity and help to make a real difference to Health and Social care. There are many ways in which your employees can be involved;

  • Enter & View (Healthwatch have the power to enter health and social care environments to observe services first hand and speak with service users and their families and carers at the point where they are receiving their care/services)
  • Care Circles – group sessions to discuss peoples experiences of health and social care
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Pop up Events
  • Consultations relating to health and social care topics and resources
  • Patient Led Assessments of the Care Environment
  • Peer Volunteering
  • Back office functions
  • Community engagement

We require volunteers to sign up and commit to 18 months of volunteering on an Ad-hoc basis with the aim to engage with activities once or twice a month.  Our hours are normally within Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm however we do undertake activities outside of these core hours to ensure we are meeting the needs of the people of Blackpool.

How will employers benefit?

Employers who support Healthwatch Blackpool will be able to see the benefits of;

  • A workforce who think about their own health and the impact this has on their employer
  • Receive recognition for your commitment
  • Develop your staff through employee involvement
  • Your organisation will receive recognition through social media and our website

Other information

For employees to become involved with volunteering opportunities at Healthwatch Blackpool we require an employer reference and an enhanced DBS. Volunteers will be paid their travelling expenses so no volunteer will be out of pocket.

We will provide volunteers with a uniform and all the resources needed to undertake activities whilst volunteering for Healthwatch Blackpool.

What employee volunteers have said about volunteering for Healthwatch

“My work operates a flexible hour’s system, which means I am able to accrue time which I can use at a later date for personal use. When I have accrued sufficient time, I have taken days off and done some volunteering with Healthwatch. I have been involved in various different activities as well as training and doing specific tasks in the community which I have enjoyed. This has also helped me with my work role.

Obviously being in full time work does limit what I can do in terms of volunteering, but this flexibility from my employer really does help, and I get to do something I enjoy.”


My employer supports and promotes volunteering which encouraged me to look for a volunteering opportunity in an area I was interested in. My manager knows of my volunteer role and was supportive of my volunteer activities. My current working arrangements allow me some degree of flexibility which means I can use this for volunteering with Healthwatch.

I thoroughly enjoy volunteering with Healthwatch and being involved with the local community.”


Click here to download CSR document.