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Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment 2022

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The Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) is a key commissioning tool for NHS England, Local Authority and Clinical Commissioning Group’s (CCG). The PNA includes pharmaceutical services and other services that may be delivered through community pharmacy. The PNA maps current provision, assesses local need, and identifies any gaps in provision. It is reviewed every 3 years.

To support the provision of up to date evidence, Healthwatch Blackpool, Lancashire and Blackburn with Darwen were asked to engage with people to ascertain their views on how community pharmacies meet their needs. We developed a simple survey to capture local people’s views and experiences of using pharmacy services. This was made available online and hard copy paper surveys were made available at local pharmacies. The survey gathered response from 229 members of the public.

Key messages

The most frequent reasons given by patients for visiting a pharmacy were:

-To get a prescription for myself

-To get a prescription for someone else

-To buy medicines for myself


This visit usually occurs monthly, with most patients stating they don’t have a preference on the day they visit, or preferring weekdays in general. Of those who responded, 51% chose between 12pm –8pm as the most convenient time to use their pharmacy. 25% of overall respondents did not have a preference. Responses suggest most people use the same pharmacy all of the time, and this tends to be the closest and/or most convenient pharmacy.

The key factors that have been shown to influence people’s choice of pharmacy were:

-Close to my home

-Close to my GP surgery

-It is easy to get to the pharmacy

-It is easy to park at the pharmacy


Most patients travel to the pharmacy by car, with this journey typically taking between 5 and 15 minutes.


Overall, the majority of respondents rated their pharmacy excellent or good, with only four rating it as poor.

Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment 2022

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