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See our most recent Q&A on Covid-19 vaccines and fertility with Blackpool’s Director of Public Health, Dr Arif Rajpura.

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  1. (Question 1)

Is there any evidence so far to suggest the Covid-19 vaccine effects both male and female fertility?

  1. (Question 2)

Why was it advised for pregnant women not to have the vaccine and then it changed to advising them to have it?

  1. (Question 3)

Why did they say if you are planning on conceiving not to have the vaccine, however they said there was no relation between the vaccine and problems during pregnancy?

  1. (Question 4)

Has there been an increase in miscarriages/still births/babies born with difficulties since the vaccine has been offered to pregnant women?

  1. (Question 5)

Do you think in the future, we will see an increase in babies being born with disabilities/difficulties due to their mothers having the Covid-19 vaccine whilst pregnant?

  1. (Question 6)

Why are only certain vaccines preferred for women who are pregnant?

  1. (Question 7)

Is there a possibility that the Covid-19 vaccine could have an effect on contraceptives such as the pill? For example, does it increase the chances of side effects or reduce the risk of getting pregnant?

  1. (Question 8)

Does the vaccine have an effect on the menstrual cycle?

  1. (Question 9)

Is it going to be made mandatory for children to have the vaccine in the near future?

  1. (Question 10)

A discussion around the side effects of the vaccine?

  1. (Question 11)

Is there going to be certain restrictions for those who do not have the vaccine?

  1. (Question 12)

What is the best way to fact check misinformation about the Covid-19 vaccine?