Who Are We?

We are Youthwatch Blackpool!

Youthwatch Blackpool is made up of a group of young volunteers, aged 11-18 years old, that work alongside Healthwatch Blackpool. They listen to the views of children and young people locally and make sure their voices are heard!

Our aim is to give young people in Blackpool a platform to share their views and experiences of health and social care services, to improve services for the future. Youthwatch listen to other young people’s experiences of services and share intelligence to identify what is needed in the locality. Through attending colleges, schools and youth clubs, Youthwatch Blackpool involves young people to ‘have their say’ on how services like doctors, dentists and social workers could be made better, gathering feedback and engaging with the system.

Through upcoming projects, we hope to coproduce change through working collaboratively with the system.

To find out more or get involved, email Abi on: enquiries@healthwatchblackpool.co.uk or phone us on 0300 32 32 100.